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Welcome to the Tag Haunt! Snag the Tag ... in the dark!

Glow in the dark "Lost Soul" tags will be hidden around a number of local geocaching events (see below). The tags will be published daily at sunset in the week leading up to the events.

Tag finders can redeem their Lost Soul tags for the "Soul Catcher" coin at the local event. Another version of the geocoin and tag will be available for sale at the events. Or a limited number are available here: Purchase a Soul Catcher Coin here

Redemption rules: one coin per household. Each tag is associated with a specific event and must be redeemed at that event (i.e. you may not redeem a tag picked up in New York at an event in Washington).

Soul Catcher Soul Catcher (Back)

Announced events:

GC7VM92 Nightmare in Preston V in Preston, WA

GC7WE86 Callie's Halloween Horrors! in Southern Scotland

GC7WX5Q Tag Haunt & Fall Social in Rochester, NY

GC7Y1GR Halloween Haunting Event in Boca Raton, FL

GC7Y1V3 Prepare to Catch a Soul in the Dark TAG HAUNT in Spokane, WA

GC7XPPD Tag Haunt - St. Louis in St. Louis, MO