002 - Father Brennan welcomes you

GC7WE86 Callie's Halloween Horrors! (Scotland)

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Main St, Leadhills, Scotland, GB

Don't go through the gates and onto this abandoned church's ground. Not because it is private property but Father Brennan may come out and take you with him!!!!

Hint - Gate, low down


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check_circle 2 years 4 months ago

Our plan worked but almost didn't! We decided to wait until we arrived in the area for the event to find a tag around Leadhills. There was no signal at the campsite. We had saved the coordinates for the tag we had planned to go for on our GPSr but when we checked the coordinates were clearly wrong. That was our almost failure! While MrF busied himself putting up an awning, MrsF headed to Leadhills to hopefully find a signal and meet Fr Brennan. Success on both counts.


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