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GC7WE86 Callie's Halloween Horrors! (Scotland)

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Scotland, GB

Lanark has very strong links to William Wallace, or Braveheart. It is in Lanark that the Laird (who had been put in place by the English, murdered Walace's wife. Most historical documents white wash the episodes that followed and there are few records of what happened at this location but local legend tells of a bloody revenge carried out on Wallace's orders.

After Wallace's wife was murdered Wallace and his followes attacked the castle and the soldiers within. Most records say that after the attack Wallace and his men fled and hid in the valley, however local myth states that many soldiers were taken captive and led to the the woods this tag is hidden in.

Once at the woods Wallace's men butchered the soldiers and spread their body parts all over the land to prevent their burial. Since this time there have been many reports and sightings of ghostly men seatching through the trees and the screaming of the butchered can often be heard from as far away as Lanark.

Hint: Large tree near gap in wall, hanging low down.


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check_circle 1 year 8 months ago

Well that was fun , it was starting to get dark as I neared Gz So I was thankful I had my head torch in the car with me . On getting to Gz it was full on dark in the woods and I began a search unsure whether it had already been found or not , twenty minutes later I returned to where I had started and from a slightly different angle I saw something glinting in the tree . On the email I had only been able to view the one photograph , but now that I’m home I see there are few others on the page which would have helped had I been able to view them .

It is an absolutely lovely tag , can’t wait to see the coins

It was too dark to take any photographs so I took a screenshot instead .

Thanks for the h(a)unt


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