084 - Killer Trolley

GC7Y1V3 Prepare to Catch a Soul in the Dark TAG HAUNT (Spokane, WA)

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S Antonian Rd, Cheney, WA, US

Years ago this was trolley cut running in the Cheney area to serve the Dominican Antonian Sisters convent housing children for adoption. In the early 1900’s all of the nuns and children disappeared, abandoning the buildings and the trolley. A couple of the buildings still exist nearby but the trolley and its tracks have been removed. To this day no one knows what happened to the nuns and the unadopted children.

Rumor has it that the nuns in the convent adoption center were going poor due to housing too many children. To be able to feed the children they started pushing the ones they considered to be un-adoptable in front of the trolley killing them. When you walk along the trolley cut you can see dark wispy shapes of small children and hear them crying out for help when the moon is full.

Be careful since tonight the moon is full.

Hint: You only need to go the first cut on the right and the trail will be obvious.

Photo Credits: By Sherman Cahal Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1013631247


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What an amazing experience! Very creative hide!


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