089 - Rustling Corn

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E Palouse Hwy, Valleyford, WA, US

Hidden by the Rustling Corn

The shortcut through the Corn field

tempts you as you're walking home

the clouds above keep the moon concealed

As you enter the swaying corn, alone.


The corn grows tall and thick, my friend,

the path you chose is muddy

it grows in rows without scope or end

and in the dark, you hurry


You don't see the standing forms

As you pass them on your way

they stand still amongst the swaying corn

which hides their pallor, and decay


hundreds gather in this field tonight

though you see none at all

yet still you look around in fright

but the corn grows too thick, too tall


You tell yourself as you continue through

"Its merely the rustling of the leaves,"

But they see you, and they hear you,

And they might not let you leave.

Posted byu/Melodic_692

Hint: Right side

Photograph: Pixabay


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Wow I snagged a tag on a spooky rainy chilly night. Thanks!


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